Deerfield Township,
Livingston County, Michigan
  • The Deerfield Township Recreational Advisory Committee
    advises the Township Board on the Recreation needs of
    the Township and their meetings are open to the public.  
    Please call to verify when the next meeting will be held.
New Deerfield Hills Trail Map
  • To view and/or print the trail marking map of the
    Deerfield Hills Nature Area please click the link below:
    There have been many improvements to the Deerfield  
    Township Park. Many dedicated volunteers have cleaned up
    the trails and parking lot, and the Township Board has
    approved a trail maintenance schedule to make sure the trails
    are kept well maintained. Volunteers have been diligently
    working on installing posts onto which a corresponding map
    detailing the trails will be attached.
    Other improvements to the Park include an expanded parking
    lot, restroom facility, and educational signs showing
    information on wildlife and plants in the park.
Park Work Days:  Thank you to those who helped at our park work day.  Keep c
here for the next scheduled work day.  
Please contact Deerfield Township at 517-546-8760 if you wish to volunteer.

Scheduled Meetings:   October 23, 2018
Next Recreation Advisory Committee Meeting:
October 23, 2018